The National Defense University, Turkish Air Force Academy aims to develop advanced military and leadership skills by blending the love of aviation, which started with student selection flight, with basic military education and academic education and training. Military and leadership training, supported by a rich academic program on military culture, individual development, and fundamental values, is also increased to the aviation dimension with flight activities the year and the camp period. In the Air Force Academy, undergraduate education is given in the departments of Aerospace Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering. In addition, undergraduate education is supported by the Department of Military Sciences, the Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, the Department of Foreign Languages. The education period at the Air Force Academy is 5 years, including the preparatory class. In addition to our Turkish students, students from friendly and allied countries also receive education at the Air Force Academy. At the Air Force Academy, competitive academic and military education is given by military and civilian faculty members who are distinguished and specialized in their fields and have high representative power, with their domestic and foreign counterparts.

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